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National Bookstore

1. What is nationalbookstore.com?

Nationalbookstore.com is the online shopping site of National Book Store, Inc.

2. What can I find in nationalbookstore.com?

At nationalbookstore.com, you will find popular and best selling books, school and office supplies, gift items, toys, VCDs and DVDs, and other seasonal items.

3. How come there are shipping restrictions for certain products?

This only applies to imported items (specific book and non-book products) and reprints that National Book Store has the right to sell in the Philippines only. The publishing and manufacturing industries regulate selling of these items.

4. How do I avail of nationalbookstore.com’s services and features?

Just register as a member of nationalbookstore.com. Fill out the Registration Form by clicking on the 'Register' icon on the nationalbookstore.com home page. Membership is absolutely free. This allows nationalbookstore.com to permanently assign a user-name and password to you so you don't have to re-enter your account information on your next visits. However, you don’t necessarily have to register if you want to make a purchase in our website. If you prefer not to register, just click on the “guest user” option and you will be allowed to continue with the ordering process even if you are not a registered user.

Membership and Registration

1. Why should I register as a member of nationalbookstore.com? What are the benefits of being a member?

Your account in nationalbookstore.com is your passport to convenient and secure online shopping, your ticket to future promos and perks. Having an account will entitle you to reap future benefits, get discounts and receive freebies and updates. The personal information you provide when you register will help us cater to your needs and wants and give you a more personalized level of service.

2. How do I register? Is there a registration fee?

Membership is absolutely free of charge. To register and become part of the growing list of nationalbookstore.com Members, click on the 'Register' button on the nationalbookstore.com home page. Carefully fill-out the registration form, as all items with the red asterisk sign (*) are fields that you are required to answer. Once you have completed this, click on 'Submit' button.

Please take time to answer our questionnaire, this will help us serve you better and will allow us to cater to your needs. Click on 'Submit' after filling out the questionnaire. You will be able to view details of your registration. This ends the registration process.

3. What should I do if I forgot password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by sending an e-mail with the following information to customerservice@myayala.com

Full Name:
Birth date:
Complete Address:
E-Mail Address:

We will need the above information for us to verify your identity. We will then reply to you and send your password to the registered e-mail address that you used during your registration.

Shopping and Shipping

1. How can I search for the product that I want to buy?

You can search for the product of your choice in two ways. You can either use the (1) Search tool or you can also use (2) the Product Category List found on the left side of the Nationalbookstore.com Home Page.

To use the Search tool, enter key word/s in the white box provided for, then click on 'Search' button. It will then show you results of your search. Keywords can be any word/s that are in reference to the item you are looking for such as title, ISBN, author, brand name, etc.

To use the Product Category List, position your cursor over the Item Category of your choice. This will allow you to view the items under that category. Please note that there are two types of product view list. The expanded view shows you that list of items with a short description per item. The compact view shows you more items in that category but with limited information per item.

2. How do I make a purchase?

This is the best part, making your online purchase. Here are 5 easy steps:

1. Browse online and go to the item of your choice. To know more about the product, you can click on the product name or on the image.

2. If you want to purchase it, click on the 'Buy Now' icon. The item will automatically be added to your shopping cart, where you will be able to view all the items you have picked. Your shopping cart is eternally visible on the upper right hand portion of the page.

3. Check on the Gift Wrap icon if you wish to have purchased items gift-wrapped.

4. When you’re done, click on the ‘Check Out’ icon. Provide all Billing and Shipping Information required including your e-mail address and special instructions if you have any. After providing all necessary information, click on 'continue transaction'.

5. Choose your mode of payment and provide all payment details required. After doing so, you will now be able to view your final shopping list including the shipping charge and the total cost. You will also see your Transaction Number, Final Shipping and Billing Information.

3. How can I delete an item in my cart?

On your shopping cart you can click on 'Remove' to delete the item. You can also change the quantity but make sure you click on 'Apply Changes' to update your shopping list.

4. How can I be assured that my order is being processed?

You shall receive 3 email notices from us.

1. Order Confirmation – confirms that your order has been received. The message contains your online purchase transaction number, a summary of your orders and the corresponding delivery information.

2. Approval Confirmation – confirms that your orders have been approved. The message would also contain your online purchase transaction number, the items you ordered and approximate delivery time.

3. Delivery Confirmation – confirms that your orders have undergone the delivery process. The message contains the items you ordered and approximate delivery time.

If you did not receive any of the confirmation via e-mails, please notify us via email at info@nationalbookstore.com.ph

5. How do I pay? What currency is used?

Payments for purchased items are in Philippine Peso (PhP). International transactions, which get charged in US Dollars or other currencies, vary in currency conversion rates depending on the Issuing Bank or Credit Card Company at the time of settlement. Actual conversion is done by the Issuing Bank, upon settlement and NOT by nationalbookstore.com or myAyala.

6. How will I receive the items I purchased? How long?

Nationalbookstore.com and myAyala's authorized couriers will deliver items to your specified shipping address (refer to 'How do I make a purchase?'). Excluding Sundays and holiday orders will be delivered within the next 2-3 days from the time of APPROVAL for items to be shipped within Metro Manila, and 3-5 days for provincial delivery.

Some items such as large or customized goods may take a longer time to fulfill delivery.

For more detailed information on Shipping, proceed to the Shipping page.

7. Where can the authorized courier deliver?

The courier can deliver to most local, national and international destinations. For more detailed information on shipping destinations proceed to the Shipping page.

8. How much does shipping cost? How do I pay?

Please refer to the shipping cost tables available in the Shipping Info page.

Upon check out from your shopping cart, you will be asked to provide details of your shipping address. This will be the basis for your shipping cost, which will be added to the total cost of items purchased. Our integrated shopping feature allows you to pay only for one delivery charge when all ordered items would be sent to you in one single delivery address.

9. How do I track my orders?

To track down status of orders, send e-mail inquiry to customerservice@myayalacom. Please indicate your transaction or order reference number, for cross-reference purposes.

Safety of Credit Card Transactions

1. Is it safe to pay through credit card at nationalbookstore.com?

Nationalbookstore.com uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption following the best practices for e-commerce. For your login process Nationalbookstore.com is using SSL 40-bit, while at all other transaction pages we use the SSL 128-bit (the encryption standard for banks), which is particularly very secure as it is the encryption used for financial institutions.

All information is encrypted in our server and as it is sent it can't be hacked or intercepted. To know if your transaction is secure locate the locked padlock icon or the blue key icon (depending on the browser that you are using).

2. When do I get charged for my purchase?

Upon receipt of the Delivery Confirmation email advising that your order had already been delivered. The pre-approval to charge your credit card will now be converted to an actual charge. Please note that the entry to your monthly credit card billing statement will read as "myAyala.com E-Store".

3. Are items in nationalbookstore.com more expensive than in the real store?

Products offered at Nationalbookstore.com are offered at the actual store’s cost price. A delivery charge will be added to the total cost of items purchased.

Returns and Cancellations

1. What do I do if I want to return an item?

Please notify us via email at bookfinder@nationalbookstore.com.ph within seven (7) from receipt of the item. We shall investigate on the matter and advise you of return instructions. For more information on return policies, please refer to our Returns page.

2. When can I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order before approval by the credit card company.

When you receive your Approval Confirmation e-mail advising the Transaction Approval, this signifies that the Credit Card Company and your Bank have accepted and approved your Credit Card transaction.

At this point, you are no longer allowed to cancel your order in the same manner that a credit card has already been swiped during a physical card transaction. For more information on these policies, please refer to our Order Cancellation page.

Customer Service

1. Who do I contact for help?

For general comments – positive and negative, suggestions, and questions, please contact us at info@nationalbookstore.com.ph

For all inquiries relating to your purchase, always state your Transaction Number for reference purposes.

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